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23 May 1956
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I am a 55 year old woman on a journey of discovery. I am passionate about music, art, my spiritual practice and my various spiritual communities. Oftimes the borders between music, art, and my spiritual practice blur and sometimes (when I am particularly blessed) they disappear altogether.

I am Wolf Clan Grandmother in the Sankey Tribe, a church based on Native American principles that my husband and I founded 18 years ago. Though I have no Native American connection by birth, I am Huron by marriage and Mohawk and Cherokee by adoption. (The Mohawk part was without my knowledge -- the grandmother of a friend of mine recently passed and my friend said -- "You know Grandma adopted you -- that makes you a Mohawk." And far be it from me to argue with a Grandmother who is now an Ancestor!) The Cherokee part I went into with my eyes wide open.

I have recently hooked up with the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship in Morristown, NJ. I believe in the principles of the denomination, and having a weekly community is a blessing. I am singing in the choir there -- and that has been a joy and a delight -- and the catalyst for some ongoing analysis of what feeds my soul and what does not. My goal is to examine what I do and determine what feeds my soul and what drains me, with the intent of backing out or off of the things behind door #2 and ramping up those behind door #1.

My spiritual affiliations are many -- I was raised Catholic, was a liturgical musician in the Catholic Church for 15 years. Then I discovered that some people actually honored the Divine Feminine! That lead me to Wicca, which is still a very strong influence in my life. Through various paths I have become more immersed in Native American spirituality. I also look to Brighid and Morgaine as two of the Ladies of my Soul and my Song. Through study of Celtic Spirituality, I came to understand that there is a hole in my soul that only the Christ can fill. I don't necessarily self-identify as a Christian, but I look to Christ as one of the Lords of my Soul and my Song. And that does not have to work for anyone except me and Divine. (So there -- nany, nany, boo, boo!)

I am currently unemployed and may be exploring retraining opportunities. I aspire to own my own business -- but that is in a great deal of flux right now...

That's probably enough for now... you may be snoring already!